Thursday, February 09, 2017

Trump is president, hoping for the best He gave a good speech, rumoured to be mostly written by himself. It was good except the way he described America that made it sound more like a third world country, like everything was as bad as could be, when the truth is quite different. During Obama crime has gone down, unemployment has gone down, more people have Social Security than ever before.
But bad things have happened again. The Good Lord help America!  Maybe I should not look any more to American politics on YouTube, it can easily make one crazy! Just stay in Scandinavia and Finland.

It really is dangerous!!

I was stupid enough to write on YouTube under a hateful video that vilified everyone from the Obamas and Clintons to John Brennan of CIA who they called a convert to Islam. The video was full of Islamophobia. Seems that one is not allowed to say one nice or ordinary thing of any Muslim as a person, they think everyone wants to go to USA and kill everyone who is Christian or anyone not Muslim.
I wrote: I cannot believe any of this but what does it matter.What bloody Global do people always talk about!! So now you are suddenly for the Jews. When I listen to you, I feel as if I was listening to Satan. It really gave me that feeling.

ausfi - sorry. It is you who Satan speaks through. Jesus called us to be salt and light. When we see evil we speak up. You come on the comments here and throw mindless insults. No one said they were the law. Are you fighting Alzheimer's? Maybe just maybe you are not that evil but just a crotchety old ugly person. Or it does sound like you may have mental issues. My wife & I will say a prayer for your nasty or sick tongue. Get involved lady. Fight for freedom. Go throw your mental illness stones elsewhere. Sadly you refer to Jews. What is wrong with Jews? Now I'm either talking to a senile hateful bigoted nursing home lady who can't help it or you are an anti Semite hater. Good riddance!!
Why did you feel that you had to be insulting? There are other ways to write. I should not have said the b-word, but I don't know why you say bad things of me that you imagine, you have no idea what I'm like. You certainly sound very unfriendly. I thank you for praying for me and I will pray for you and your wife. I cannot help that this video sounds very weird. Muslim prayers in the White House 3X a day?? For everyone? You are not a pastor? You certainly don't write like one. Satan does not speak through me. Jesus Christ is with me every day, I hope He is with you. My church people never say such things about me. I cannot help that I felt like evil people talking. If you are a good person, I apologize. I referred to Jews as one finds so many evil things said of them on YouTube. Great that you don't. I'm related to Jews so why should I think there is anything wrong with them? Also I do not hate anybody, many people use very hate-filled language here, why do you not attack them?

And after that he answered: FEDERICO InspoNews1 hour ago
ausfi Please get off my channel you total KOOK

So I did. Leaving just the message. God keep you safe. KOOK lol. So we both think the other one is KOOK.

Another exchange, though not with me. People are mad!
" All Religions need to come together to prevent what's ahead by Nazism taking over our country!
Don't continue to believe the (false flag) hypes that were created to divide us. Muslims are made Patsies for their ww3 agenda! The Quran Chapter 2 verse 62 (among other places) states that Muslims, Christians, Jews and Sabians (astrologers) who believe in God will meet their reward!! Don't continue to be deceived!!!! STOP BELIEVING THE HYPE!!! WE MUST COME TOGETHER!!!!!"

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dangerous YouTube.

I love YouTube, it has classical and other music, Gilbert& Sullivan, extracts from Danny Kaye, Victor Borge, Gene Kelly, even romantic or science fiction movies. But looking for them you might get across unpleasant things.

There is this woman who writes and performers the craziest conspiracy videos, supposedly about the Illuminati and the British Royal family. Something about a bloodline and rituals.
The sad thing is that so many believe these things. So is YouTube dangerous? It certainly is for people who see these and believe!

With a diseased mind like this would she not be disturbed all the time? She cannot ever be happy.  Do I pity her? Am I horrified? No, but I am certainly disgusted. Maybe I should not have written these down, but then hardly anyone seems to read my blogs. I have not corrected the mistakes.

Joan Rivers Spotted Alive Feb. 2015 At Clive Davis Party (Unedited Full Video)
Carrie Fisher Hoax - Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford Exposed - Celebrity "Retirements"
Joan Rivers,Robin Williams, Did they Fake their Deaths?
Princess Diana was a man
Michael Jackson covering one eye. What does it mean?
Who really murdered Whitney and Bobb?"

She has admirers like this: "You are a truly gifted person and I have watched you ever since I first laid eyes on you.
Keep on doing what you are doing, Yahusha Hamashiak Hebrew. Jesus Christ of Nazareth has a calling on your life. And it is very apparent how fast you have people gravitate towards you."

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It pays to complain!

THIS should have been posted at the end of August, I even thought it had been, but it seems it was only a preview.
I have my old camera back! Not exactly my old one but the same model. The Lumix had an interesting feature, "through glass" which means that you can get rid of the glare on glass, but otherwise the photos were not equally good, the panorama did not work properly. When I took photos of flowers the parts of the flower that was in the sun was almost white, too much contrast. So I went back to the Elkjøp Facebook page and complained. Soon I get an sms: "Your equipment is ready to be collected." They had sent for the same model to abroad and got me one! I also got the extra 900 kroner back. Unfortunately this camera is also black. It seems shakier but perhaps I have it on false setting. This camera have very sort manuals, one must get one from the internet.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Now an onslaught on the press has started

YouTube  from Jim Beckwith a King James Bible believer. These are comments from Trump just tweeted on The New York Times and it's viral!!=When Trump speaks, the world listens! "Wow, the @nytimes is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurata coverage of the "Trump phenomena" 
Seems NY times promised a more honest news. And they were supposed to have promised to apologize for their biased news.

"Would never accept an apology from yellow journalists. When credibility and honour are lost then they are gone. Would you trust a liar and a thief? They tried to commit a coup on the USA as you say all will be forgiven.  In Suriname they shot the coup plotters and videoed it."
"Patricia Treslove  Studies show that one out of three Clinton supporters is just as stupid as the other two..
I bought 2 boxes of Huggies diapers. There's none left because all my Hillary voting friends have shit all over the place. Now I guess I'll hand out pacifiers to silence the screams!
"I love this man. Trump is kicking butt even before he takes office. I'm so pissed about how corrupt the MSM is. Nothing but liars and cheaters. Nothing but fraud. God bless.''''''''"
"I hope Trump bans them from his press conferences..  Access is the ONLY reason these lowlife shills are trying to apologize.... Imagine them huddled OUTSIDE of any event trying to find out what is going on !!!"
"All main stream media is going die because of all their lies good riddance it can't happen soon enough....   lol more truthful coverage is not all truth sorry propaganda media we are all done with you all you have now is the crazy hillary rioters who are too brain dead to see your lies... main stream media created the riots and injuries and death and should be chaged and jailed all of those liars....."
"I have banned CNN and the main media or anyone anti Trump! Apart from Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams who are anti Trump, most Trump supporters were and still are watching Fox, or getting their news from the internet."
"Trump actually won according to the final number by about 700 THOUSAND votes plus the 10 -20, 30 million fake Clinton votes .. We'll never know for sure.. I don't care, All I know is HELLARIA and the Commie Demons lost and now it's time to DEPORT and ABORT"

I'm getting more and more sad about the division in the country, the offensive talk of Trump admirers. The riots by others.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Badmouthing Hillary and others, more horrible comments from YouTube videos.

"It already came out she is behind it Sorry you need to do your reseach Hillary gave the weapons to the terrorist to start Aleppo war Everyone knows this Everyone knows she worships satan Hillary's Dirty Laundry is out there everyone knows it she did not win she is a TRATIOR Evil deranged women And Hillary was behind the lie with Russia Putin already came out and said Hillary was behind that lie too. Russia never hacked her emails or anyone else LIE Please do your reseach Everyone knows Don't be brainwashed by Hillary Hillary has 50 yrs of criminal crimes behind her Do your research"

This is a lying comment on "WE have a terrorist sympathizer in the White house attempting to disarm armerica. Obama has enabled the criminal element in our society to riot and loot and commit crimes against law abiding citizens and he treats them as if they are the victims not the perpatraitors. He has black teens in mobs attacking vulnerable whites alone ( cowards like safety in numbers). He has invited Illegals to come to our country by the millions to overwhelm our kindness and hand up to those without thus overtaxing our welfare systems to bankruptcy. He spends with impunity the taxes of hard working americans on these invaders of our soverign nation. How much much does it take for our represenatives and auuthority of law to realize this Traitor in our midst is harming us at will with impunity and disregard as his goal is the destruction of the USA. This Hater in Chief that we willingly voted in to office on hope has brought only dispair and divisiveness to our nation. I call all to the task of restoring sanity and grace to our nation . REMOVE THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN _ REMOVE OBAMA FROM A POSITON OF PUNITIVE AUTHORITY. HE IS THE ENEMY - WAKE UP AND ACT UPON THIS THREAT NOW."

What, how old is this piece? You have Trump, cannot you even wait?  2015.

This was written in 2015. I usually drop the names, but not this time. :" Ronald Lynn Reilender · 
The US needs to stop beating around the bush. For every American killed by a terrorist attack we need to destroy one of their cities. I bet that'll get their attention quick"

"Eileen Sacks
All muslims should be shot dead and burned! None of them will go against a jihad because they are all in it together, they have their own training programs and camps even here in the US and start traing children as young as 5 and 6 years old their theory is much like the liberals get them when they are young."

Two more crazy comments. If many people really believe this, what hope is their of USA?: "Trump is just playing along...WAIT until January 20, 2017, Trump WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING OBOZO DID TO TRY TO RUIN AMERICA!!! Trump DESPISES Obozo with a passion, and rightfully so!!!"

"how ironic the only ones not accepting the outcome of the election is the democrats THANK GOD that evil satanist wicked bitch hillary doesnt get to sit in the oval office LONG LIVE DONALD J. TRUMP MY PRESIDENT"

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Choosing a president isn’t easy in this election, but here are three ways a principled conservative might vote. DAVID FRUM OCT 22, 2016

Worse, Trump discredits and disgraces everything he touches. There likely won’t be a Republican party after 18 months of a Trump presidency, just a tangle of warring factions soon to be swept away by a Democratic wave in Congress in 2018. President Trump will then start making deals with the new Democratic majority, and probably more happily so—he always was a Democrat at heart, as he has repeatedly said over the past 40 years. His only consistent interest is self-enrichment. Since he’s so incompetent at business, his default mode of self-enrichment has become cheating and bilking people. Think of that in the Oval Office! Think of that at the head of the Republican Party

Do you like Hillary Clinton’s program? No. Do you imagine that she will volunteer concessions to you and your beliefs? No again. Would you count the spoons afterward if Bill Clinton came to dinner? For sure. But can she “do the job”—manage a crisis, pay the bills, respond to hurricanes, face national enemies? Obviously. Look at how she’s coped with that maniac Trump on the debate stage. Couldn’t have been cooler. Despite yourself, you’ve been impressed. She’s smart and tough and open to reason. We could do worse. It’s four years—not even. She’ll perhaps be boxed in by a Republican Congress for the first two years; much more probably so in 2019 and 2020. By then, it’ll be time to try again, this time with a Republican nominee not suffering from a major personality disorder.

Things seen online

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Before a crowd including military members and veterans on the decommissioned carrier Intrepid in New York Trump said the generals under President Obama and Clinton have 'not been successful.'
'I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble – they have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country,' Trump said.
Trump on Wednesday said he would ask generals to produce a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days of taking office – after saying he already had a plan and earlier saying he knew more about ISIS than the generals.
'If like maybe a combination of my plan and the generals’ plan – or the generals plan. If I like their plan, Matt I’m not going to call you up and say, "Matt we have a great plan." This is what Obama does,' Trump said.

After Trump lied that Hillary wanted to remove the second Amendment, people wrote:

"Great, I'm getting a gun as soon as possible.!!!!!! And protect my Family!!!!!  AMEN.!"

"So that Hillary can try and take weapons but the federal agents coming to collect will be shot. Under constitutional law you can shoot someone trying to take away your weapons."

"pray for this great man, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME may TRUMP WIN FOR OUR COUNTRY!  BRING us JOBS!   TAKE care of all of us!"

They think he is  a "great man". Poor people 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

New president

It seems that the emails have had their effect and that Trump is winning. That is truly terrible, his supporters might even try to assassinate Hillary, that's what  terrible things I expect from them. They have been so horrible on YouTube that I would not have believed!

USA is lost, he is going to be a terrible president, I cannot help feeling that. The worst in my mind is going to be the gloating. That horrendous man and his horrendous sons. The only one I feel a bit happy is M, as the First Lady, not too bad. That will be funny,  a migrant as the First Lady!

Video titles

"Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," says Medical School

Hillary Planning Violent Mob Attacks If Trump Wins

Is Donald Trump Illuminati?

Donald Trump exposes The Illuminati MUST SEE!!!!!!  over 5 million views.

TRUMP is right -- Liberals are rigging even his microphone -- notice how low it was?

Anonymous Watch  Hillary Clinton is Done

Trump is cooked

Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Collapsing | True News

Hillary Clinton "Spirit Cooking" Satanic Ritual  (nothing is true, one can find this on Snopes

The Patriots Have Won: NYPD Announces They Are Preparing To Arrest Hillary Clinton!!!
Three days ago This is also false. by something MLordandGod, a cold woman's voice.

Clickbait web sites posted misleading headlines claiming Hillary Clinton's property had been raided by the NYPD.

ORIGIN: On 1 November 2016, multiple click bait web sites shares stories with headlines that
seemed to be purposely misleading, outright claiming that the New York Police department had raided Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's property.
In the text of the stories, however, they admit  that the  "property " was e-mail on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, a former congressman and intractable lewd picture taker.

YouTube is harsh, merciless and rude,

I started watching videos on YouTube and gradually commenting, mostly when I noticed falsehoods where I knew the answer. Somehow I just cannot stand unfairness.

Sometimes you answered normally but often the people writing comments are very rude. I have no idea why people want to use rude adjectives but it is very common.

1. comment  ausfi what a total idiot you are. We know who to blame for the mess that we are in, you!

2. comment ausfi No kidding!? This is the face of ausfi!? A washed-up old hippy that hasn't a clue of what is going on in AMERICA!? Wow! You and all your old card-playing idiot die-outs are why Obummer got into office and by God at my side, WE THE PEOPLE will not let your failed generation of stupidity win this election. Stop trolling PRESIDENT TRUMP YouTube videos! That is if you know what trolling means....if not ask one of your grandkids

My answer  You sound so clever that is strange that you seem to think that elderly people know nothing of Internet, computers or trolling. I'm not anymore trolling than you are. All you can do is to try to insult me, but I'm an old duck (water off the back,if you know that saying). If you accept his tone of voice, you really are taken in. But you are right, I should not be writing here as I'm not even American,or live there, just could not help myself. I wish you the best and hope you get your change and that is good for you.

3. comment  ausfi I don't understand where a wall means we gather them and blow them up...........we want our US DOLLAR to not go down to the black hole of Mexico, meaning, for those that think this is a reason for you to say ANYTHING in AMERICAN POLITICS is a reason for you to give your 2 negative pennies of oppressed government of whatever country you come from.....that we want our money to stay up here! IDIOT!......I wish I knew how to say that in YOUR ausfi STUPID ASS language

Answer  Why do you insult me when I have not insulted you? I did not say anything about the wall against Mexico or AMERICAN POLITICS. I answered this Swede who said: 'We have problems similar in Sweden with so called migrants...' which I took to mean that he doesn't want to allow in refugees, which I understand because Norway and Sweden  already have huge numbers of them.  But around one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe till 21 December 2015. If no-one will have them, where do they go? It was stupid exaggeration  from me, but what is the solution. You can read all about refugees here:
"YOUR ausfi STUPID ASS language" hah hah now you insult my language too. I have respected you, but not any more. They don't want your money in my country.

4. comment Well you just stated your opinion on Trump supporters and how disgusting they are but you didnt say anything about Hillary or her supporters who are confirmed to do much more evil things than what Trump supporters even say. Deffinetly seems like you believe claims against Trump but not evidence about Hillary