Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Strange spring

4th  of May

10 May

I had forgotten to publish this article, so it is the wrong place.

This has been a crazy spring! On April 7, plus 15 degrees, then between 2 and 10, minus 3 on April 29, plus 24 on May 6, plus  1 and 2 on May 10,

Seventh of May

 30th May



The 4th of July celebrations in Oslo has always had an exhibition of cars.

So also this year. I have never owned car or driven one, but I enjoy looking at them.

Beautiful green leather interior

Native theme

This orange Chevrolet won the prize

The real colour is not quite that strong but it certainly was eye catching.

How do you like this duck?

Boy scouts

                                     In front of a cardboard Trump, 4th July celebr. in  Oslo. Got the gesture wrong

Somebody uploaded the speech Obama gave to boy scouts. It was a televised speech and it was short but it was all about scouts. So somebody wrote: "Teleprompter Barry reading a speech he did not write is not classy."
If Donald did not write all of his speech, he must have at least giving the writers the ideas, as the speech was all about him and his campaign. He even got the people boo on Obama and Hillary. In the beginning  of his speech he said: "You want to achieve your dreams, I said, who the hell (sic) wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts? Right?" and then he proceeded to talk exactly of that! What?
Another comment: " Remember when POTUS was an erudite Constitutional Law professor with a lifelong record of public service and not an illiterate mobster? Just a little over six months ago."
Of course he was answered by: "William Daniels no no no, Ur the drunken kool Aid drinker. Obutt was only interested in destroying America and came too close. Thank God for Trump who was picked by God and Will be the best President EVER!!!"
 Incredible how some can be duped. All this false rhetoric one can read : "destroying America". And they never tell you what they mean.
"All the Trump supporters are like "Well Trump at least made a personal appearance. And a long speech"  Yes, he did but he talked about Obamacare and talked shit about Jeff Sessions. Like wtf.  lol. He is talking to boy scouts. That wasn't the time or place."
A Trump supporter : "I just watched The Presidents speech and the 40,000 Scouts there loved it! Of course, the corrupt media hated it so they disrespectfully show this. smh"
If they loved it, that would be terrible, like so often, it was again all about himself,  nothing said about scout values.
"Corrupt media", yes there are false papers and magazines, but most of them record realnews, sometimes they make mistakes but usually apologize. But most of t he media is not fake or corrupt, but the great idea, which also has worked, was to repeat these words in every speech, so people start believing those words. And everything that's not praising him is false news.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Many young people lost

Just before the funeral of Mauno Koivisto there was another terrorist action, this time in Manchester, England, where 22 people fell victim to a suicide bomber at Manchester Arena. This happened immediately after Ariana Grande's concert. She will be returning to give another concert for the victims.

I was taking photos at Gamlebyen and was returning to the centre, when I was passing a billboard full of  concert posters. There was one for Ariana Grande. I felt I had seen something connected to her. Death? Her Death? I decided to take a photo. Soon after I found about Manchester.

Soon is the start of Ramadan,

ISIS calls for ‘all-out war’ to mark start of Ramadan by attacking ‘innocents and civilians in their homes, markets and roads’ after Manchester bombing.
They certainly are twisted,   wanting to kill everyone who has not converted to their faith. When will something happen  in Norway?  They say innocents and I don't know what they mean with that. Who would want to kill innocents? I think they are getting more and more desperate partly because of  the threats of  President Trump.

The funeral of President Mauno Koivisto

President Mauno Koivisto's state funeral was on Thursday. The Koivistos had been married for 65 years.

Thus wrote the Helsinki Times:

"Over 30,000 people lined the streets of Helsinki to watch the funeral procession of President Mauno Koivisto on Thursday, according to the Helsinki Police Department.
Koivisto, born in Turku in 1923, served two terms as the President of Finland in 1982–1994, guiding the country out from under the shadow of the Cold War into the European Union. He passed away at the age of 93 at Meilahti Hospital in Helsinki on 12 May, 2017.
He is widely credited for ushering in a new era of parliamentarianism in Finland by actively reducing his own powers and enhancing those of the Finnish Parliament.
“A great Finn has departed from our midst,” President Sauli Niinistö summarised in his eulogy at the Helsinki Cathedral on Thursday. “He has left us, but remains close to us. In terms of his ideas, ways, values and principles, he is still with us.”
“President Koivisto’s uniqueness did not lie in the fact that he knew the people, but that the people knew him,” said Niinistö.
“His thoughtful, deliberative way of approaching issued brought the ordinary citizen close to the statesman, perhaps closer than to any other in Finland’s history. Mauno Koivisto’s pithy, sharply analytical and often humorous remarks remain embedded in the essence of what it is to be Finnish. They reflect a way of thinking, principles and values that still affect our actions and deeds.”
"Koivisto’s final journey took him from the Helsinki Cathedral to the Hietaniemi Cemetery, where he was laid to rest close to predecessors Risto Ryti and Urho Kekkonen.
Koivisto also served twice as the Prime Minister of Finland in 1968–1970 and 1979–1982, as the Minister of Finance, and as the Governor of the Bank of Finland. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Tellervo Koivisto, and daughter Assi Koivisto-Allonen.
His funeral was the first presidential funeral to be held in the country since that of President Kekkonen in 1986.
Aleksi Teivainen – HT"
I wrote thus in Iltasanomat: "Thank you, Iltasanomat, for the well-written articles, the photos and videos. They made it possible for those who live in Norway, also take part in the solemn occasion. When Sibelius was taken to his resting place, I was one of the honorary guard of students with their white caps lining the streets. Then also there were multiple rows of people on both sides of the streets.

The speeches of President Sauli Niinistö and Bishop Emeritus Eero Huovinen were moving, the Bishop was wiping away his tears.

I was close to President Koivisto and his daughter when they visited Canberra in the eighties. There was a lunch or coffee at the Finnish club and anybody could get close to them, even to take photos."

I have a slide I took of them, where both happen to support themselves on the table with the same hand on their chin.

Here Mrs Koivisto throws the red rose on the coffin, Bishop Huovinen watching, the choir Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat at the back.

There is a continuous flow of people to President Koivisto's grave, both young and old, many want to take photographs.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mauno Koiviston hautajaiset

Näin kirjoitin Iltasanomiin: Kiitos Iltasanomille hienoista artikkeleista, videoista ja kuvista. Täällä Norjassakin sai  täten olla mukana. Sibeliuksen hautajaisissa seisoin ylipppilaana kadunvarrella kunniavartion osana. Silloin  oli myös kansa sankkana joukkona kadun molemmin  puolin. Presidentin ja arkkipiispan puheet olivat  liikuttavaa kuultavaa niiden vaikutuksen kannalta.
Mutta eikö olisi ollut mahdollista käyttää sanaa "hansikas" koko artikkelin aikana, sana "hanska" on niin kovin arkinen.
Presidentti Koiviston ja tyttärensä  näin heidän käydessään  Canberrassa, Australiasssa. Finnish Clubilla oli mahdollisuus  jokaisella päästä aivan lähituntumaan kun he istuivat pöydässä. Se oli 1980-luvulla.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Liberals and the others

This is slanted reporting. She was not pissed off, she did not know what to do with the large box as she knew photographs would be taken just then. President Obama himself took it inside.

It is so sad to follow YouTube videos, where you can see the hatred between the Republicans and Liberals, though I feel Republicans show most hate. There must be many racists among them the way they write about President Obama and Michelle. "A chimp in heels"."Looks like a man". Calling both of them with distorted names. Fortunately there are many who loved and respected them.

Then the Liberals are equally horrible towards the First Lady. Much of it seems to be because she is a foreigner and they pretend that they do not understand what she says. Actually she has improved a lot.

Then there is the exaggerations, like in the following:


Trump "like President Kennedy"!!

Sometimes Liberals too are so stupid. Now they make a lot of noise as it seems that the First Lady slapped away Trump's hand on the tarmac. It is on various videos. When I watch it in slow motion, his hand is all the time in the same position. When she notices that he is reaching for her hand, her hand reaches for his but just then he gives up so both hands fall away at the same time. I cannot understand people who enjoy it so if they think there is something wrong between them. Whatever her past, they should respect her position at least, also I have not seen her say or do anything wrong, even the copy of Michelle's speech was the speech writers fault.

Michelle Obama and her husband had and have class and dignity, that is nothing new. There are those who understand that.

After Obama's speech at the Kennedy Centre: "A total class act. I feel so sorry for those who can't understand what an exceptional human being led this country as President for eight years.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Overcoming hopelessness | Nick Vujicic | TEDxNoviSad

What a great talk! A man born without arms or legs, who has made a life for himself and is even going to have a child. When you listen to him, occasionally your eyes get some moisture but most of the time you almost laugh or at least smile, because he really does give you hope. You would expect you heart become heavy, but it gets lighter. At least it makes me happy with what I have, I just have different things to enjoy than he has.

Listen to what he says about himself, what he has done, what kinds of people he has met, how many people he has met, how many talks he has given. He is a miracle.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Comey fired

We have had a beautiful spring here, and why worry about USA, but so many things have been happening.

President Trump has fired FBI Director Comey, having lost confidence in him. He was full of praise of  Comey  at the end of his campaign. They got Conway to answer Anderson Cooper and there came the 'alternative facts' again. When Anderson talked about the White House being under investigation, Conway denied it. Great eye rolling from Anderson.
Anyway , a couple of great comments:

"All this did was show all Americans with half a brain that Trump is scared! Shits about to hit the fan in Washington. Why else would Trump fire a Republican FBI director. Trump MUST know how bad this corrupt it looks when you fire the person investigating you for treasonous behavior...YET HE STILL FIRED HIM! He's scared shitless about something that was uncovered and he's proactively trying to discredit Comey by getting rid of him."

"When she talks, you just know you're gonna get a bunch of bullshit dumped on you. It never fails! They will NEVER say it's because Trump wants people he could control when it comes to investigating him. It's not hard to see @ all. This is the most corrupt administration ever in American history. Republicans are pulling off the mask and showing America what their true intentions are. We MUST vote all these people out who aren't worthy of representing us. Take the blinders off because they've taken off their mask. It's VITAL people!"

"Trump claims that he has fired James Comey in order to restore confidence in the FBI. That is ridiculous. By firing someone who is overseeing two ostensibly independent investigations, the Trump administration carries on its pattern of stifling anything that does not whitewash Trump. Anyone who becomes the FBI director after this will be derided from the outset as a Trump tool. Trump can issue all the friendly statements he wants. This has too many of the hallmarks of a political hatchet job."

It might still take time before we get a new director, Bernie even thinks the number of people voting for the new one should be raised to 60 from the present 50. So many questions at the moment, one of them: did Trump lie or did Comey lie about Trump  asking him to let the investigation of Flynn go?

And of course there is voting to accept the Trumpcare, 24 million Americans losing their health care, it is expected many to die as they cannot afford their medication. But the republicans don't care, or not very many.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


On Tuesday I went to IKEA to buy some food and drink to celebrate the Easter Day. This was the IKEA at Furuset. Then I went to an area on the other side of  the Alfaset Cemetery to take some photos of a field of colts foot.

I had never seen so many, Afterwards I went and sat waiting for a bus homewards. If I have two shopping bags, I usually have both attached to my arm as I am notorious of leaving a bag behind, if loose. I started looking at the photos and laid the IKEA bag next to me. In the end the bus came and I stepped aboard and almost immediately realized that I had left the bag behind! The distance to the next bus stop was quite long and  I had to wait some three minutes for the bus to take me back.

When this bus approached the stop where I had to get off,  I saw somebody with a baby carriage near my paper bag on the other side of the road and it looked that they were handling it. My heart sank. When I had got off the bus and started crossing the road, I no more saw the person and the bag was still there. I was hopeful but when I got there and looked inside the bag, it was empty! The person had just taken all my five purchases but left the bag. I was very disappointed that I had been robbed. Not only had I lost the things, I felt bad that someone would take things he knew belonged to another person. Did they think that the owner might not be returning? They knew they were doing wrong as they had left the paper bag. The strange thing was that I felt like I had been raped. I knew that would be hugely worse than what had happened to me, but it made me weep, even if people saw it.

It was somehow even worse that I had seen them steal the things. There were two side roads they could have taken, but my first thought had not been to try to go after them.

Later I went back to IKEA and bought three of the items. I tried to explain to the cashier what had happened but it did not go very well. Almost twenty four years in Norway and I cannot pronounce "stjele"! I never really needed to use the word before. So the 'j' is not pronounced? She did not understand and seemed to look for help from three men standing close by, and  probably thought something had happened to  me at IKEA, so at last I said: 'Never mind , it is not what you think.'  It was approaching a comedy film.

Also it was my own fault, that I do not look after my things.